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Your Trustworthy Fire Clean Up Experts

A fire can cause one of the most severe losses homeowners and renters will ever experience. After something so stressful, you will want reassurance that your home can be returned to its old condition as quickly as possible, and that you can return to your life as usual, as soon as possible.

After you’ve had the chance to remove the essentials, call your insurance company and take some photos, it’s time to contact our fire damage clean up services. Our experts at Flood Pros, USA can help assess the damage and put forward a plan to get you back into your home as soon as possible, while keeping you in the loop the whole way through.
As a leading fire restoration company, we have the resources and tools to get your home safe and functional, so you can get back to daily life.

Stay Safe & Get Professional Help

After the fire, you may feel the urge to immediately start cleaning your home on your own, but this isn’t ideal. The smoke and soot left behind after the fire can be toxic, and create hazards, even if the fire was contained to one place. You don’t want to put your health on the line and cause further stress right after something so monumental has happened.

The best choice is to call the professionals at Flood Pros, USA. When it comes to fire cleaning services, our team has the right training and tools to help make sure the job is done safely and remove any hazards that may occur, while also aiming to return your home to its original condition.

How We Handle Things 

No two fires are the same, and no two properties are the same either, so our overall process in your home’s fire restoration services will vary from property to property. So our team will always begin by thoroughly assessing all your damages and informing you of the cost and timeline before we get started.

After this first step, here’s what we do:

  • Find the source of the fire to know what type of fire has occurred.
  • Evaluate if any wet areas may need treatment.
  • Doing necessary water damage repairs as needed, if needed.
  • Allow owners to come and remove immediate items that may be needed.
  • Prevent further damage by boarding up the home and removing debris and other contents.
  • Some home contents will be put aside for cleaning.
  • Structural restoration will be undertaken, to remove charred contents that can seal in smoke, such as burnt wood and insulation.
  • Check if carpets and floor coverings need to be removed.
  • Then remove smoke residue from salvageable walls, ceilings and structural aspects of the property.
  • Sealing will be done to prevent odors from returning into the home again.
  • Cleaning and deodorizing to return surfaces to pre-fire condition.
  • If anything needs to be specially restored such as art, technology or furniture, this can be sent off for completion offsite if needed.
  • Occasionally areas may need to be rebuilt as necessary.
  • Furniture will be removed to original positions.


How much damage can fire cause? 

With each fire is a unique amount of damage, and this depends on the following factors:

  • The fire type and source.
  • How long the fire burned before intervention occurred.
  • How hot the fire got and what burned.
  • The amount of water or other substances needed to extinguish the fire.
  • Once our team takes a look at the fire, we can determine the level of damage, and then advise you from there.

Can you remove smoke damage?
Of course we can. Smoke and soot damage is inherently stubborn, but our team at Flood Pros, USA are well trained in the most effective residue removal methodology. They also have tools that are developed just for fire restoration, which removes the smoke and soot entirely and restores your items, walls, ceilings and floors to original luster, if they are deemed salvageable. Sometimes the fire will have damaged something too much, and it just has to be replaced entirely.

How can I tell if there’s any smoke damage?
Usually you can smell, see and feel soot on surfaces, and other times soot can seep through walls and vents. This is why Flood Pros, USA offers comprehensive inspection, this will tell us where soot has migrated in your home, and how far the damage has gone.

What should I do after the fire?
This is a great question. Many people get this wrong due to stress and trauma, but here’s what we recommend.

  1. Contact the fire brigade immediately.
  2. Once the fire is contained and extinguished, contact your insurance company for immediate aid especially if you've been displaced.
  3. Enter your home once it’s been deemed safe.
  4. Take images of the damage for insurance and records.
  5. Try to find important documents, like driver's license and paperwork.
  6. Remove any important technology, clothing or files that are safe to remove and are usable. 

How long will the whole process take?
Each restoration has its own timeline, and this depends on the factors we mentioned above. The important thing is, that we will work as fast as we can, and adhere to the timeline we give you as closely as you can. You will be advised upfront as to the severity of the damage and the timeline, so you’re well informed.

Do I need fire restoration services if the fire was small?
Often, the answer is yes. Smoke residue can cause unseen amounts of damage and needs to be professionally cleaned, just wiping it won’t do the trick. It can seem like an unnecessary expense, but the cost can snowball in future, so it’s better to pay just once and have peace of mind.