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Keep Your Office Running With Expert Mold Testing!

Mold is bad for business. It can deter possible clients, cause illness for workers and cause major issues in productivity if left untreated. At Flood Pros, USA, we know it’s hard to manage a workplace, and it can be even harder to manage mold as well. So give us a call and we will test your workplace for mold, and hopefully solve the issue before it grows.

Mold Is Not Conducive To A Healthy Workplace 

Mold is a natural occurrence, but only outside. Not only does it look terrible when it’s in commercial spaces, it also cheapens your workplace. In addition to this, the microscopic spores that cause mold can lead to health issues in certain people, such as runny noses, eye irritation and worse. So if you suspect mold, you will want the best commercial mold inspection, and that’s where we come in.

Call Us Sooner Rather Than Later

Being a microscopic particle, mold is not always visible to the eye. It thrives in damp, moist locations, and can grow on every single material used for building, from plaster, bricks, grout and even on tile. This means you may not even be able to see where the mold is growing until it becomes a bigger issue.

If you even have the slightest inkling that there’s mold, you should call us before it escalates. But if you’re not sure if what you’re seeing is mold, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Your workers are unable to shake flu-like symptoms.
  • There’s a persistent damp smell.
  • There’s a history of mold elsewhere in the building.
  • The ceiling and walls are damp.

If you’re witnessing any of these issues, it’s time to call us in for a commercial mold test.

What A Commercial Test Entails

When you call us for mold testing, you can be assured that the whole process is very thorough and involves the following:

  • A free initial inspection of your commercial space, where our trained expert will visit and see the potential problem areas, as well as where the issues are.
  • You will receive a detailed report based on their findings.
  • This report will contain images to the affected areas, moisture information, humidity readings and what was found in the inspection. As well as recommended treatments with a quote and timeframe.
  • If you’re happy with this information you can either contact your landlord and insurer for further information, or just hire us on the spot. We’re always happy to help.


What is mold?

Mold is a natural part of the environment outdoors. It can be found almost anywhere that moisture and oxygen come together and live in places such as plants, soil and in decaying or dead matter. Outside, mold is helpful as it breaks down organic matter, but indoors, mold is not as useful. It can harm your home’s integrity, and your health alongside it, as it can be toxic to humans with recurring exposure.

What makes molds grow in my office?

Mold comes into your home or office as tiny spores. These spores need moisture to start growing, so they often find spaces where there’s high humidity, leaky water sources and can then grow on carpet wood, tile, grout, insulation and painted surfaces. It’s impossible for anyone to get rid of all the mold and the mold spores in your home, but as mold can’t grow without moisture, reducing moisture is the best way to reduce mold growth too.

When should I test for mold?

There are some important things to keep an eye out for, and if you notice any of the following, call Flood Pros, USA as soon as you notice and we’ll handle it.

  • If you smell a musty, wet carpet like smell.
  • If you see small clusters of black dots or discolouration anywhere.
  • If people or pets at home experience allergy-like symptoms.
  • If there’s been a flood, leak or sewage issue.
  • If a basement, attic or high humidity area is damp.

​Beyond the above, there are some good circumstances to do commercial mold testing that may have financial ramifications.

  • Before you sell or purchase a home, check for mold. Especially if you suspect a smell has been covered up.
  • After a mold remediation has been done, keep the company on their toes and test for mold! We don’t mind!
  • During any disputes with your landlord, if you suspect mold, a test can force them to investigate the matter further. This is vital for offices, as this can cause issues for workers also.

Can mold affect my health? 

In general, people and pets who have allergies and asthma may be more sensitive than others to mold. But often the highest irritation is seen in the elderly and infants or immunocompromised people.

These sensitive people can have eye irritation, nasal congestion, difficulty breathing or a runny nose. But, it’s vital to know that some molds cause a toxin called mycotoxin to be produced, and this can lead to fatigue, nausea, irritation, headaches and more. The best way to reduce these problems is by cleaning the mold professionally, and then heading to see a physician.

Is mold covered by insurance?

This depends entirely on your policy. Some cover mold, others don’t. Ask your insurance agent if you need any clarification on this matter.