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Charlotte County Mold Remediation

We all know what mold looks like as it’s creeping up the basement walls, but mold is not something we can always see. In fact, the best time to deal with mold is before it becomes obvious to the casual observer! If you’re worried that mold might already be growing in your home, or worried about it taking hold after a recent flood or leak, contact the mold remediation crew at Flood Pros USA—without delay.

Our Charlotte County mold removal experts are IICRC-certified, and our remediation services come with a guarantee. We’re proud to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau for our approach to building trust and understanding with our clients, which means providing them with the best remediation and customer service in the area!

Banish House Mold with Complete Remediation Services

There are many facets to mold restoration. Not only do you have to get rid of the mold that is growing, but you also have to eliminate the conditions that enabled it to become established in the first place. At Flood Pros USA, we are expert at handling both, so you’ll never have to worry about house mold again!

Our process includes:

  • Identifying the types of mold and where they are located with a mold inspection.
  • Developing a custom plan for removing bacteria and mold from your home.
  • Providing you with an accurate estimate and financing options.
  • Bacteria and mold containment and clean-up, according to your specific plan.

While mold can potentially affect the health of family members, it can’t always be linked directly to symptoms like persistent coughing and worsening allergies. Mold exposure symptoms can vary widely, so if you suspect mold might be a contributing factor, it’s always best to schedule an assessment for remediation .

Schedule a Free Charlotte County Mold Inspection

If you suspect or know you have a mold problem, your first concern should be your health—not your budget. That’s why Flood Pros USA offers free, no-obligation mold inspections. When we provide you with your free estimate, we can also inform you of financing options that will help make our Charlotte County restoration services more affordable. Call or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection today!