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Dover Water Damage

Dover, the small census-designated place in Dover, may not be a renowned place, but it is under our vigilant lens. We at Flood Pros USA extend our professional water damage restoration services to Dover with equal enthusiasm, professionalism, and quality.

Water Damage in Dover

The hot and humid weather in Dover may cause storms or occasional flash floods. The storms might be small or big, and they may or may not cause a lot of trouble but prolonged humidity may cause moisture to lock in crawlspaces and ruin your walls, roof, floors or plumbing, etc. The wall paint might come off, wooden doors, windows or cabinets may be swelled up due to moisture, mold and odor may develop and expose you to health risks.

In an unfortunate incident of fire, the water used to extinguish fire may also accumulate inside the building of your house or commercial space. A burst pipe, water heater leaks, bathroom flooding, or any other event as such may also cause a house flood.

Hence professional help is required to rule out the moisture from hard-to-access spaces, emergency water removal from the pool of water formed in or outside the house, commercial space, lawn, farm, and any other area.

Water Damage Mitigation

Water damage can be devastating. It ruins the look and feel of your house or office building. Also, it ruins the environment of your house and may pose health risks. If there are large pools of floodwater, it is hard to remove alone and with no equipment. Farms and buildings are equally affected by excess water and might need restoration services to make them fully functional back again.

Flood Pros USA is well-equipped and well-trained to mitigate and manage the floodwater, eradicate mold, odor, dry out moisture and restore the minor repairs needed in your house or commercial space.

Calling professionals for help is the right choice!

If you discover water damage or experience the aftereffect of storms fire or any other unprecedented event, please follow the following steps important for your safety.

Things to Do!

  • First, you need to stay calm and not panic at the sight of pools of water or seeping moisture in your walls.
  • Shut down the source of water influx in the boundaries of your house or commercial space. If it is a burst pipe or plumbing issue, you may also close the main water supply valve of your building.
  • Switch off the main power supply or at least the electric appliances in the affected area to avoid electric shock.
  • Call Flood Pros USA and our emergency response team will be on its way right away.
  • Meanwhile, remove the books, plants, and valuable items from the affected area.
  • Keep away the children and pets from the area because they might slip or harm themselves.
  • Life the curtains upholstery, and draperies from the area so they do not get soaked anymore.
  • Place pieces of foil, butter paper, or plastic sheets under the legs of the furniture to avoid permanent stains on the carpet.

Once you have taken care of the preliminary tasks, sit back and relax until our team arrives at your space.

Be careful of the following!

Be careful that no other member of your family is doing any of the following things that may cause more harm than the benefit to you in such a situation.

  • Please do not use your home vacuum cleaner, you may experience an electric shock
  • Do not walk on the wet carpet or floor, you might slip.
  • Do not try to switch on the electric appliances in the wet area.
  • Do not walk in the wet area as the wetness may spread to other parts of the house.

Water Damage Restoration

When in Dover, you know no place is too far to take hours to reach. Therefore, when we receive a call, our experts leave for your location within minutes and reach to you in as short a time as possible.

Flood Pros USA's emergency response team is vigilant, smart, and rapid. We take care of your property, residential or commercial and return it to you in its pre-event condition.

We adopt a step wise approach to our flood damage control policy.

Step 1: Quick Assessment

Our experts assess the situation quickly by taking in the dimensions of your space, the outlets and inlets of water, crawl spaces in the area, possible damages water might have caused to your space et.

Step 2: Plan of Action

Our team quickly analysis the situation and then devise a plan of action following the safety standards and SOPs.

Step 3: Rapid Response

As soon as we observe the initial requirements of our job, our team then gets to work! We use advanced equipment and skilled techniques for emergency water extraction and flood damage restoration in case of bathroom flooding, house flood, etc. Our scope of services include:

  • Mold removal
  • Odor removal
  • Dehumidification service
  • Temporary pack out of valuables
  • Sanitation service

Step 4: Dry out services

After we remove the water from the space, we perform the professional dry out services using highly sophisticated equipment and remove all the moisture from floors, walls, crawl spaces, etc.

Step 5: Restorations

Fixing the burst pipe, water heater leaks and water damage restorations involve the technique, and knowledge both. Our experts are equipped to handle such minor repairs on spot. They can perform the following minor repairs:

  • Roof tarp
  • Board up
  • Temporary warehousing
  • Temporary fencing
  • Moving contents/objects out or back inside
  • Carpet's installation
  • Floor repairs
  • Painting the house or office building
  • Fixing window panes, locks, doorknobs if damaged

Flood Pros USA also performs major reconstruction tasks if required. This would need special builders and experts and therefore would take a few days to render the job completely.

What Do We Cover?

Flood Pros USA is the professional water damage restoration service. From emergency water removal to fixing the water heater leaks, our services cover all cases of water and flood damage.

We accept the challenges and love to cope with them!

  • Basement Flooding: Basements are vulnerable to floodwater accumulation, moisture accumulation and the consequent development of the mold and odor. Therefore, basement flooding requires expert remediation. Flood Pros USA makes your basements as clean as new with our expert water damage restoration We make sure that the water and moisture is thoroughly removed before you move back in.

  • Bathroom flooding, Kitchen Flooding, and the House flood: bathrooms and kitchens are exposed to running water in most parts of the day. Kids or infants like to play with water and can leave a tap open which can cause pools of water to form on your bathroom or kitchen floor. Also, the leaks in the appliances or plumbing can also cause seepage of water in the walls and cabinets which can cause mold and odor Flood Pros USA offers to clean up and dry out bathroom flooding and kitchen flooding thoroughly and professionally so you do not have to experience the foul smells or health risks in your homes.

  • Farm Flooding: Dover is home to farmhouses as well. Storms, or rainfall may cause farms to flood too. Professional emergency water removal is important to secure your animals from diseases. Flood Pros USA has advanced equipment to pump out the floodwater from the site and rescue your farm animals and plants.

  • Emergency water extraction: We are a team of qualified professionals with advanced machinery to remove the pools of water from the site. We are available 24/7. In case of an emergency, please call us at the earliest to reduce the extent of damage floodwater may cause to your property.

  • Dry out services: Professional drying out requires blowers, cleaners and sanitizers to remove moisture from difficult spaces, between floorboards, tiles and other areas. Flood pros USA is equipped with the necessary equipment to dry out your furniture and upholstery as well. We sanitize, dehumidify your space to guard it against any future damage be left over moisture inside.

  • Water Damage Restoration Services: Your house or commercial space may require plenty of restorations after the floodwater is removed. Please look nowhere else for the services. Flood Pros USA offers complete water removal and restoration services. Our restoration services cover the following minor repairs to major rebuilding jobs. We perform:
    • Emergency move out or move in assistance
    • Emergency roof tarp
    • Board up
    • Temporary warehousing
    • Temporary fencing
    • Carpet's installation
    • Repairing burst pipe, water heater leaks
    • Floor repairs
    • Painting the house or office building
    • Rebuilding or reconstruction of the house, factory, or office building

Have Water Damage in you Dover Home? Call Us Now!

Rescuing the various parts of the Cobb County, Flood Pros USA is also glad to serve the community in Dover. We specialize in water damage restoration and dry-out services. Be it a residential space or a commercial building, a farmhouse or an office space, Flood Pros USA are always there to help you in the hour of need!