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Lutz Restoration Services

Floridians know that their homes could be damaged by hurricanes and storms every year. Those who have dealt with the aftereffect of storms in the past keep the name of a quality restoration company on hand. Make sure you know the number for Flood Pros USA so you can be ready for the worst.

We help Lutz homeowners get their properties back into good condition again quickly with efficient water damage and storm damage restoration services. Our team can handle everything from drying the carpets after a pipe breaks to tearing out moldy drywall after a hurricane floods your property. Reach out to us for:

Our Lutz Mold Remediation Experts Provide Efficient Mold Mitigation Services

Speaking of mold removal, our team is industry certified and well-trained in the safe and comprehensive clean up of unwanted pathogens. We'll test for the hidden presence of mold in your home as well as tear out visible mold. Our team applies the latest mold remediation techniques, so homeowners know they are getting the best services possible. Don't let these allergy causing organisms impact your family's health when mold mitigation can eradicate it completely!

Fix the Water Damage Fast

There are so many ways water can seep into the home but left unchecked that moisture can cause a lot of damage to the walls, floors, and building structure. We offer water damage cleanup that completely restores your home. Our team will remove soggy drywall, wet carpets, and complete water damage repair services for homeowners. If necessary, we can also complete odor removal to get rid of any lingering smells.

We Repair All of the Storm Damage

Storms can do so much damage in just a few short hours. Thankfully, your family has made it through the bad weather, but your home might not be so lucky. Flood Pros USA offers storm damage repair services for your entire home including:

  • Roofs
  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • And More!

We also provide emergency storm damage services for customers. Contact us 24/7, day or night to begin the cleanup process right away.

Total Fire Damage Restoration Services

When you've recently had a fire in the home, whether major or minor, there is some damage that needs cleaning up. Turn to our professionals for a thorough fire damage restoration. We'll remove burnt and soot covered walls, furniture, and cabinets. Our carpenters take care of structural repairs for you. Plus, we'll clean furniture and provide deodorizing services for homeowners to remove any last sign that a fire once impacted your family.

Learn More About Our Lutz Restoration Services

When an emergency hits your home, it is better to start the restoration process sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, homeowners usually have other things to worry about at the same time. Let Flood Pros USA be the ones to take care of things at home for you while you take care of loved ones.

Give us a call to set up a free initial inspection and cost estimate for our Lutz restoration services. You can also fill out our online form to have a representative contact you!