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Lutz Water Damage

Flood Pros USA specializes in restoring Lutz properties after a flood or water damage. Be it a small residence or a huge commercial area, we are equipped to handle any size of premises and any size of the damage.

Water Damage Restoration

We offer complete water damage restoration services to households and commercial spaces. From the emergency water removal to restoring the minor plumbing issues like a burst pipe or water heater leaks, we do it all!

Flood Pros USA helps restore the water-damaged property by using advanced tools and machinery for emergency water removal, moving out of the objects in the area, cleaning up the mess and repairing the parts that caused water damage. We also offer reconstruction services for parts of the building that are completely damaged by the water.

Our process for water damage restoration is a 6-step process.

  1. Rapid response: We act fast on the emergency calls and reach to the site on time.
  2. Quick assessment: We quickly assess the extent of water damage using probes and tools and devise a strategy to begin our work.
  3. Emergency water extraction: If there are large pools of water after a flood or any other reason, we use pumps and other equipment for emergency water removal. In the areas where the water has seeped inside the crevices and walls, we use other tools, and techniques to extract moisture and water from the area and begin with the restoration process afterward.
  4. Dry out services: In an event of water damage, detailed drying out is important to rule out the future deterioration of your property. Our dry out services also include dehumidification services. We completely dry out the area using our advanced machinery. The moisture from crawl spaces, upholstery, and carpets is extracted mechanically to eliminate the chances of mold growth.
  5. Cleaning up: Cleaning up includes the sanitization of the objects in the water-damaged area. Bacteria and mold may grow later and pose risks to your health if they are not properly sanitized. Especially in cases of bathroom flooding, it is important to sanitize the bathroom fittings, objects, walls and floor to prevent health risks.
  6. Restoration: restoration services includes minor repairs like board up, roof tarp, painting of walls, carpet installation, fixing a burst pipe, water heater leaks, dishwasher discharge, washing machine discharge, sump pump, etc. Major restoration services include reconstruction of the building, walls, doors or any other parts that are damaged after the event.

Restoration Services

Flood Pros USA offers the following restorative services to homes and commercial users in Lutz:

  • Board-up
  • Roof tarp
  • Temporary fencing
  • Move-out / pack-out
  • Temporary warehouse space
  • Drywall removal and installation
  • Hardwood floor repair
  • Tile floor repair
  • Painting of wall
  • Fix the plumbing issues
  • Carpet cleaning, and installation
  • Building and reconstruction of parts or the entire building

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