Man-made or natural, when disaster hits and water damage results the only alternative is quick action. In Marietta, the only professionals are the people of Flood Pros USA. Always available and completely competent these professionals know what to do, and they know that now is the time to act.

Water damage continues long after standing water has drained away. Residential and commercial buildings are constructed with a variety of materials. Every construction material reacts differently to moisture. How the building is constructed is a major factor to be considered.

Cleanup is not a matter of just removing visible water. Damage will continue in inaccessible areas. Understanding how moisture affects every structure and material determines what must be removed. Knowing what can be saved, and what cannot, makes all the difference.

Walls and ceilings may need to be opened to apply forced air and heat. Not the work of amateurs, how dehumidification works on every material and in every structure is important. Limited or extensive water damage is minimized by quick action. Materials like rugs and drapes can be removed, cleaned, and then returned. Drywall may need repairs, and how damaged drywall is removed is a factor of repair costs.

Electrical, plumbing, and telephone systems need special consideration. Appliances, machinery, and computers can be saved in many cases. Data can almost always be recovered. If water damage was caused by emergency fire responders, burned materials must be removed at once. Smoke damage often can be cleaned with special solvents.The same professionals who do the cleanup and removals are also your restoration experts. More than mere handymen, competent repair specialists restore homes and buildings to new construction standards.

For businesses, getting back to work is the bottom line; every hour lost cuts into profits. Waiting hours or days to call is always a bad choice. Insurance companies know this, and with the staff at Marietta Flood Pros USA claims can be expedited with no, or little, upfront costs. These pros get on site in 30 minutes before water damage becomes irreversible. Getting your life back on track is their goal.