A flooded house is pretty scary, but don’t panic. For fast help with water damage Marietta residents call Flood Pros USA. While other services might leave you in limbo for days, we respond to your call within 30 minutes or we pay your insurance deductible! Our experienced professionals get to work fast to get your house back to normal in the shortest time possible.

While you are waiting for us to arrive, you can get the clean-up process started. First make sure your family members and pets are safe. Water damage can cause problems to your electrical system. Don’t turn on any electrical items. Make sure to remove your rugs because they can stain your floors. You can also begin to mop up some of the water. If your cushions are wet, prop them up on their sides in a dry place.

The first thing we’ll do when we come to your house is thorough testing for the amount of moisture present. We look at how long the water has been there and decide how long it will take to dry things out. Then our expert water damage technicians set up industrial dehumidifiers that start to safely remove the moisture from your home.

When your house has suffered water damage, one of the first things you should worry about is mold. Mold can set in fast and it can seriously damage your health and your house. The dehumidification process ensures that no mold is present and it also prevents mold from starting in the first place.

The other big concern with flooding is the structural damage it can cause. Water in the support beams and floors can start to weaken the wood, which is a big threat. Our dehumidifiers make sure none of this occurs. The entire restoration project can take up to three days and we’ll work closely with your insurance company. When you choose Flood Pros USA to handle your water damage restoration and see us in action, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.