Businesses and homeowners who experience water damage done by leaking pipes, floods, fire or any unexpected situation should call in professionals who have the experience on cleaning up the damage. Flood Pros USA professional experts are ready to handle all water damage restoration problems that occur anytime of the day of night. With different locations around the Marietta area, there is bound to be one close to your home or business.

Mold growth is a serious health issue once water has been sitting around stagnates for just a few hours. Expert technicians will perform tests to learn how long the water has been sitting and how much moisture was absorbed by the walls and floors. Water can penetrate into the walls for many feet in height and create mold within a short period of time. Structural deterioration and corrosion can occur because of water damage and be extremely dangerous.

Strong cleaners and scrubbing will be done on the walls and floors after all the water has been vacuumed up from the area. Dehumidifiers will be installed throughout the house or business to quickly dry up the effected areas where mold could be developing. Large fans will help with the drying process of the building and the professional technicians will start removing items to be dried under controlled conditions.

Homeowners and businesses who have unexpected fires will need to deal with soot and smoke odors as well as water damage and mold problems. It will take professionals to get rid of soot problems in the home or office due to the many different surfaces. Soot is not easy to clean and needs special cleaning solutions to dissolve the substance that soot leaves behind. Fire technicians will clean up the smoke odors that are left behind with special cleaners and procedures for each piece of furniture, the walls and ceilings. Air scrubbers will filter the air and trap microscopic odors to purify your air back to a normal healthy atmosphere.

Flood Pros USA has a large warehouse where couches, area carpets and any waterlogged items can be professional dried, cleaned and treated for any mold spores because of the water damage. Once your items are fully cleaned and dried they will be returned to your home or office.