Water damage in the home can be devastating to a Marietta home owner. With the assistant of Flood Pros USA, the process to recovering your home starts with removing water from the impacted areas. If a home has experienced a flood, contact a service provider as soon as possible in order to prevent additional difficulties.

There are many consequences to experiencing a flood within the home besides damage to furniture and personal items. After removal of water from your home, the home has to be carefully treated for mold. Mold is often a consequence of having water damage within the home. Once the water has been removed from the area, the technician will inspect for mold. Mold often grows in moist and warm areas that may not be easily detected. If not immediately identified, the mold can spread and cause structural support issues. The technician will have equipment in order to identify these areas in order to combat the issue. The walls will be examined and treated in order to prevent mold.

Dehumidifiers will also be installed in the impacted areas in order to remove moisture from the walls, paint and carpet. The equipment is designed to extract the moisture from the air and pump the water out of the home. The dehumidifier will also return warm and dry air to the room. The dehumidifiers will remain onsite until the majority of the moisture has been removed from the room. This process can help ensure the protection of the home from mold and other damage the water can cause.

The services also include the deodorization of the room to remove the remaining residue of water damage. The walls and surfaces are sprayed with chemicals that will help remove the unpleasant smell of left over after the cleanup. Homes are left in the best condition possible after the damage has occurred.

Contact us for your water damage needs in order to receive fast and efficient service. Our technicians are trained to identify and treat problems in a timely manner. For flood and water damage contact a us immediately in order to prevent any addition damage to your property.