Marietta is frequently affected by flooding, which causes water damage to homes and buildings every year. Companies specializing in clean up and restoration need expertise with insurance claims and construction, but also in dealing with the traumatic effects of a disaster.

Flood Pros USA combines experience and high standards with outstanding response times for customers in crisis. The water damage management team includes licensed electricians to eliminate the risk of electric shock, and a meticulous cleanup crew skilled at bringing personal items back to normal. Whether the incident was caused by leaking pipes, floods or a weak ceiling, quick containment and immediate cleanup reduces the extent of the problem.

Left alone, water damage will lead to mold growth, pest infestations and additional structural weakening. Flood Pros understands the need for a quick response time, and our Marietta water damage specialists will begin drying affected areas on their arrival. Powerful dehumidifiers keep excessive moisture out of the air and prevent mold build-up. Clean up teams begin working immediately to restore household items and eliminate odors.

By working directly with any insurance company in Georgia, the claims process is handled promptly. As a result, excessive water damage is prevented, and homeowners can resume their lives much faster.

The first step in handling a water emergency is to contact our licensed specialists. Before the team arrives, homeowners can take the following immediate actions. Do not use any electronic appliances if the floor is flooded and move household valuables out of harm’s way. It is also a good idea to clear the floor for safety. Stay out of damaged rooms to avoid poor air quality.

When the floors are clear, begin mopping up excess water. Hang dry rugs when possible, and tilt couch cushions on end to dry them all the way through. Avoid damaged floors weakened by floods and if in doubt, vacate the house. The professional restoration team is ready to respond 24 hours a day, and will arrive as fast as possible to begin bringing your home back to normal.