If your home has water damage from flooding or a water leak, Flood Pros USA can help! We are experts in restoring water damaged homes in the Sarasota area, including homes with water damage in Marietta. We also handle commercial water damage, mold removal, fire and soot damage/removal, HVAC cleaning, and several other services.

Flood Pros will quickly respond to your call for help and is available 24 hours a day! Once we are on the job, we can completely restore your home from water damage in as little as 3 days. We will start with initial testing to determine the amount of moisture, depth of water penetration, and determine how long your home as been exposed. We will then remove as much water as possible through extraction methods. The next step will be to then start the drying process using industrial humidifiers to help prevent mold and further damage. We have the world’s largest fleet of humidifiers which are regularly maintained. We will continuously monitor the drying process until all moisture is removed.

If there is already a mold problem, we can also effectively remove any mold caused by the water damage. Mold can be extremely dangerous and destructive so it is imperative to make sure no spores are left behind. Our experts will vacuum out mold spores and use mold removing agents if necessary to make sure your home is mold-free. Our mold remediation experts will work to contain the mold from becoming airborne and infecting clean areas. We will also check for all sources of moisture that may be contributing to ongoing mold issues.

Flood Pros works with a variety of insurance companies and can answer any questions you have about what is covered and how the billing process works.