Flood Pros USA water damage clean up and removal near Marietta Georgia is an excellent company for your home cleaning and restoration needs. We will clean up and remove all water damage whether it is from a broken pipe or from a fire we will extract all water damage from your floors, walls and carpets. They have nineteen years of business in the disaster recovery business and help 52 of the fortune 500 companies in the US.

They have a team of readily qualified workers to extract water from your home or business twenty four hours a day. They can immediately remove standing water from your home or business. The company can extract water from flooring and furniture. They can help water damaged properties by packing and moving water damaged furniture before further damage is caused by water. They can dispose of water damaged flooring and furniture that is beyond repair or restoration.

It also has structural drying equipment to quickly dry out your home or business. The company has dehumidification treatments to dehumidify your entire property so mold or dangerous bacteria don't grow after water has entered your building.

The company also has a wet document recovery system to save important files for your home or business. They also have emergency generators for places where storms have knocked out power so water removal equipment can immediately start cleaning your home when disaster strikes.

Flood Pros USA will collect no money out of pocket at the start of any emergency job. You only pay the deductible once your restoration job is completed and you are completely 100% satisfied with the job. We have years of experience working with local insurance adjusters so there are no surprises with the cost of doing business with us. Our company gives back to the community every time a new customer uses our services we give $50 dollars to one of our charities which are the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, The Breast Cancer Foundation or The American Heart Association.