Water damage can originate from any number of causes, some more serious than others. Serious water damage usually has its origin in more extensive problems to your home. These problems might include:

  • Leaking roof
  • Broken pipes
  • Crack in your foundation.

Water damage may also be produced by more minor issues that include:

  • Window or door left open during a storm
  • Leaking dishwasher
  • Overflow of your washing machine.

Whether the water damage is from a major or minor cause, the long-term effects on a home can be devastating. Untreated water damage may result in mold growth and structural deterioration. For this reason, immediate intervention is essential to minimize the lasting effects water damage may cause to your home. At Flood Pros USA we offer expeditious water damage clean up in order to minimize these long-lasting problems. A quick call to our professionals in Marietta can save you thousands of dollars.

Our process begins with an initial survey and evaluation. In this evaluation we determine the extent of damage to your property by discerning how long the property has been exposed to water damage, the depth the water has penetrated, the amount of moisture that has been absorbed into your home, and the cleanliness of the water that has infected the property. From this point we can determine the most effective way of removing the water from the damaged area. Typically this begins with physical extraction of excess water by use of our extraction vans. Once all the visible water has been removed, we then set up large, state of the art dehumidifiers on the property. These facilitate the removal of moisture that has been absorbed into the structural system of your home as well as into furniture, dry wall, and carpet. Dehumidification is essential in the prevention of mold developing and multiplying in your home. If the damage is extensive and mold has already begun to develop in the structure of your home, then dehumidification is imperative for the complete removal of mold from the property-a procedure we perform at Flood Pros USA.