Has your home recently been hit by flooding due to a natural disaster? Have you just walked in to find that a main water pipe in your home busted and you have 4 inches of standing water in your living room? If this is you now or if this has ever happened to you, then chances are you were or are in a state of panic. There is no need to panic though. If flooding of any kind has hit your home in the Marietta, Georgia area, then pick up the phone and let the experts of restoring your home to what it was before water damage deal with your issues. Call in the professionals from Flood Pros USA.

Water damage can be overwhelming. Your first thought is to just soak up the huge puddles and sometimes inches of water. The problem is though, water damage can cause issues from beyond what your naked eye can see and if you can’t see it, then you certainly can’t deal with the damage. This is where the pros step in and complete a total clean up of the water damage.

The first step is to see just exactly what has been affected by the water. Of course carpets and flooring has, but what about floor joists and electrical lines? Our experts will also take into account whether or not the flooding and water has happened long enough to cause mold and mildew issues. Once they evaluate these issues, they are ready to dry out your home. Industrial size fans designed specifically to dry out homes, as well as specialized dehumidifiers are brought in to deal with the excess moisture in your home.

Dealing with water damage in your home can be an extremely stressful situation. Take some of the stress off of yourself and trust the experts to restore your home to its condition before the damage occurred. Call in the restoration experts from Flood Pros USA.