If left untreated, water damage can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property. Water damage finds its origin in a number of causes, some more serious than others: foundation cracks, leaking roofs, damaged plumbing, flooding caused by storms, an overflowed washing machine, or a loose dishwasher component. Whether your water damage comes from a more or less consequential cause, Flood Pros USA offers water damage cleanup and removal. If water damage is treated early, the long-term ill-effects are highly reduced.

Our process begins with an evaluation of your property. This survey enables us to determine the extent of the water damage to your home. We do this by estimating the amount of water that the property has absorbed, the length of time the water has been present, and the sanitation level of the water that caused the damage. After this initial evaluation we are able to move forward in removing all excess water and moisture from your home.

The removal starts with our extraction vans siphoning out all the physical water present in your home. Because water damage is caused not only by the water itself, but also by the moisture that remains in the property after the water has been completely removed, we utilize the most effective and highly developed dehumidifiers to extract all moisture that has embedded itself into the structural system, dry wall, furniture, and carpet of your home. We monitor and control the environment of the damaged area to ensure that your property returns to its previous state.

Excessive moisture promotes the development and growth of mold. For this reason, after we have rid your property of excess moisture, we survey the property daily for any generation of mold that may have occurred as a result of the water damage. If mold is found, we have a mold removal process that eliminates all mold from the damaged area and prevents its return to your home.