Water damage can make your home or business quite a nasty place to be, even after the initial clean up has been completed. That is, if you don't use professional services to clean up all the water damage that has been caused. You see, many people don't realize how crucial it is to get every nook and cranny dry, as this prevents mold from growing and from surface becoming any further damaged by the incident. However, Flood Pros USA knows the importance behind a quality clean up of the moisture, and they work to make sure that everything is done properly. Let's look at some of the services that are offered in Marietta, and how they can be used to fix your own water damage problems.

Mold Prevention

Of course, when there is water anywhere, you run the potential hazard of having to deal with mold. However, with a proper clean up job you can prevent mold from growing anywhere. Mold is so dangerous that it can actually get your business shut down by the health department, so hopefully this shows you exactly how crucial it is for the mold to be cleaned up.

We work by dehumidifying the entire site. This will take all of the moisture out of the air, keeping it from settling on any surface after the initial water has been cleaned up. It will also dry out any little droplets that have hidden in crevices throughout the site, preventing them from causing water damage themselves.

After Job Maintenance

We don't stop after the water has been cleaned up. We will regularly come in and check to make sure that the moisture levels remain consistently low, and that mold hasn't been growing. Also, we can dispose of any items that have been damaged beyond repair, saving you the hassle of having to take them to the dump yourself.


We offer our services in Marietta, so if you have a home or business here we can come and clean up any water damage that has been caused. We understand the importance behind the job, so you can expect it to be done right!