Water damage poses many issues for the homeowner and business owner alike. The damage that can be incurred over the course of time can cause mold growth, deterioration of foundations and breaches to the structure. It is for these reasons that when one is seeking water damage management that they find a company or individual who is a trained professional with experience like Flood Pros USA.

The first thing that will need to be done when alleviating a home or structure from a water breach is to pinpoint the source of the water and make sure no further water gets in to the structure. After the source has been stopped, it is then time to start drying out the interior, furnishings and walls. Many times it is suggested to simply remove and replace the furnishings and carpets, but this decision would be up to the homeowner.

Once the structure is entirely dry, Flood Pros USA will make sure the stability of the structure has not been compromised. As long as the water damage has not effected the foundation or basic structure of the building, the removal and replacement of damaged drywall and other items can commence. If there are sections of the home that need rebuilding or replacement this can be done at this time as well. Professionals can also aid in the assessment process with your insurance company, making claims and cleanup go much faster.

How intense the remediation needs to be will depend on the classification of the water that has breached the structure. The three classifications include clean water (like a broken pipe), grey water (like from a washing machine), and black water( sewage backups). As long as the water is considered non hazardous, it is likely that the entire remediation can be done within three to five days. The more hazardous the water is considered, the longer it will take to assure that it is fully eradicated from the structure. Always make sure to contact a trained professional when water damage has occurred. They will be able to give estimates and determine what type of water has infiltrated your home or business.