When water damage affects your home, we at Flood Pros USA will quickly restore your property to its pre-damaged condition. Our highly trained adjusters, contractors, and electricians can help you get your home, and your life back in order, as hassle free as possible.

Being the premiere Marietta water damage restoration specialists, we can get to your home, or your business, within only 30 minutes. We place great importance on timing because the longer water remains, the more damage occurs. One of our goals is to keep all damage to a minimum. In doing so, we will even start working the same day to prevent further damage. With us, there is no need to wait days or weeks for completed insurance claims to be processed, as many other companies often require.

We strive to save all of our customer’s time and money. That is accomplished by following our fundamental disaster recovery rules, believing that restoration is always better than replacement. So we will test every affected material to determine what can be restored, or what might ultimately need partial or total replacement, too.

Flood Pros USA professionals include expert electricians who pride on removing all possible electrocution hazards. The water damage recovery process demands a zero electricity supply. Therefore, it’s imperative that all restorations are overseen by our experts.

Water damage can occur from something that seems as minor as a leaky washing machine to something as destructive as a natural flood disaster. Both can cause significant damage and loss.

Other than the significant issues caused by water problems, the potential of mold is high when water problems occur. It can cause corrosion and structural deterioration. But most importantly, mold is a very serious health hazard. So avoiding mold is of utmost priority to us.

We are greatly supported by the world’s largest fleet of drying equipment, including high quality, maintained dehumidifiers, used to dry all affected areas, and control humidity in order to avoid mold growth.

If you experience any water damage issues or flooding, be assured that we will keep you, your family, your home, and your pets safe!