Water damage, if left untreated, may result in long-term property damage and can
produce an enormous financial burden on homeowners. Immediate treatment of water damage significantly curbs these long-term effects on your property. For this
reason, Flood Pros USA offers immediate repair for any extent of water damage.

Water damage is caused by a number of factors. Factors such as a leaking roof, a
crack in your foundation, or extensive damage to your plumbing will require more
significant home repairs, but these can only be done after we have removed the
water and moisture from your property. Smaller causes, such as a washing machine
overflow or a fish tank leak, will not recur and thus do not require work beyond
the water and moisture extraction. However, this extraction remains essential to
ensure your home does not sustain any lasting damage.

Water damage that is left untreated leads to structural deterioration of your
home, the development and spread of mold, and an environment that attracts
harmful pests. Whether your damage is from a major or minor cause, it is
important to have your property surveyed by our professionals at Flood Pros USA. Our
evaluation assesses the amount of water that your home has absorbed, the level
of moisture sustained, and the sanitation of the water that has damaged your
home. This is an important process not only to determine the potential
devastation that the water damage may cause your home, but to determine whether
your property is safe to inhabit during the restoration process.

This process begins as our extraction vans remove any standing water through
large siphons. Once all this water has been removed, we then bring in heavy-duty
dehumidifiers to remove any damaging moisture that has seeped into the structure
of your home. By monitoring the climate of your home on a daily basis, we are
able to quickly and effectively remove any damage that would be caused by
excessive condensation. If the standing water has produced harmful mold in the
structural elements of your home, we offer a mold removal process that follows
upon the complete dehumidification of your property.