Has your home or business become flooded, which may have caused water damage to your property and possessions? Like many people, you may be stressing out at this point wondering what you should do. Luckily, you don't have to tackle this problem alone. You can actually hire a service to come in and prevent further damage, as well as repair the damage that has already been caused. This is the job that Flood Pros USA tackles each and every day, and we can provide any of the services found below for your home or business in the city of Marietta as well.

Quick Response

The most important part about preventing water damage is to respond as quickly as possible. This will allow us to come in and clean up the mess that has already been created. One of the main reasons that water needs to be cleaned up so quickly is to prevent mold from growing. For a business, this could actually get you shut down because mold can be dangerous to customers. Preventing it from growing on the surface of anything on the site is vital, and we understand that. We will be on the scene within 24 hours of being called, providing you with the fastest clean up services in Marietta.

Full Drying

We come in and completely dry the entire place out. This is important to stop mold from growing, and it will put your home or business back in the same position it was before the water came in. We will dehumidify the entire site to get as much moisture out of the air as possible, as well as to dry out any water droplets that have settled in tight spots around the place. We will also regularly check moisture levels to make sure that further damage isn't caused after the incident.


If you have any damaged wet items beyond repair, Flood Pros USA can dispose of them for you to save you the hassle. We provide excellent service at a great price, and only want to work to help save your home or business from becoming damaged by water. Call today!