Water damage is something that many homes and businesses have had to deal with because it is unavoidable, and it may be your turn to have to worry about this problem. If your home or business has become soaked due to a flood or massive spill, Flood Pros USA can come in and fix the damage that has been caused. We can also prevent further damage from arising after the initial clean up. If you call us immediately, we can provide you with all of the services found below within 24 hours as long as you live in the city of Marietta.

Drying It Out

Getting the site completely dry is the most important job that we do, and the main reason that we are called. If any moisture is left on any surface, it can allow mold to grow which can create health problems for anyone in the building. Not only that, but a business can actually be shut down if mold is found in the building. Luckily, we have several methods of attacking this problem right at the source.

We will use a dehumidifier to suck all the moisture out of the air, which will stop any remaining water from settling on surface after the initial water damage management process has been completed. This will also dry out any small little spots of standing water that may be hiding in little areas. We will make sure that all surfaces are completely dried out.

Further Clean Up

We have more work to do after everything is dry, so don't expect us to be one of those companies that just leaves you to deal with the rest of the mess. For starters, we can help dry out any important documents you want to save. As for anything that is beyond repair, we will take it to the dump. We will also regularly come in and check the moisture levels to keep further damage from being caused.


If you couldn't tell, we are the best water management company in Marietta. We work hard to make sure that all the damage that can be prevented, is prevented. Call us today!