Water damage can be devastating to a home or business, as it can ruin much of the property and make the place inhabitable for several days. This is truly an unfortunate event, but it can be made much brighter with the use of professional services to clean up the damage that has been caused. Flood Pros USA is a professional water damage management company that works to not only clean up the damage that has been caused, but to keep the water from causing further problems in the future. We provide many services in the city of Marietta, and you will find several of them below.

Dry This Place Up!

It is very important for the entire site to be made completely dry to keep mold from growing on any surfaces. Mold can actually shut down a business due to health regulations, and it can cause family members in your home to become sick due to the spores that are released. Through the use of a dehumidifier, we can take all of the moisture out of the air to prevent it from settling later on. Also, this will dry up any hidden water droplets, preventing them from causing water damage themselves.

After The Initial Clean Up

We don't stop after the water has been cleaned up. First of all, we can dispose of any items that can't be repaired. This will save you the time and hassle of having to do it yourself. Also, we will come in and regularly check the moisture levels to make sure that a problem doesn't arise again. If we need to, we can dehumidify the site again to get any additional moisture out of the air, as this is crucial to prevent further damage from being caused.


Flood Pros USA has the fastest response team in Marietta, so you can have your entire site dried up within 24 hours of the incident occurring. This is mandatory to prevent further water damage, as well as to make your home or business operable again. You will receive professional help at a cheap price, as long as you live in Marietta. Call us today!