Water damage to your home in Marietta can create conditions suitable for mold growing on walls and other surfaces. Once it begins it must be cleaned or removed to prevent health issues for you and your family. This can be done by calling the professionals at Flood Pros USA that know how to deal with water damage to homes, offices and buildings of all types.

If you notice a strong odor on one of your walls after water damage, make your call to our professional team of well trained individuals for help. They are equipped with special respirators, clothing and gloves to clean or remove walls that have begun to grow mold. They know if the wall can be cleaned or if it will need to be cut away and replaced.

If the pros at Flood Pros USA can save your wall, they will make every effort to provide a safe environment to return to. Everyone must be removed from the living area until the work is finished. Seal the room off from the rest of your home with heavy plastic until the clean up crew arrives. Once there, they will decide if the wall can be saved.

If it can be saved they will use a mild detergent to clean the wall surface. After that they use a solution of one part bleach to two parts water to clean the surface again. They will not water clean the surface. This is to insure that the bleach leaches out all the mold and bacteria from the surface of the wall.

If your wall is too water damaged to save they will cut away the molded portion well above the mold line. Once it is removed a solution cleaner will be used to disinfect the entire area. After the wall has dried completely, it will be replaced with new wall material and painted with an anti-mold paint before your normal chosen color is used.

Water damage can create a dangerous environment and just ruin your week. But have faith in our professional clean up crew to take care of the problems. You can enjoy your home once again within just a very short time.