Has water damage caused problems in your home or business, and needs to be cleaned up immediately? You aren't the first person to have this problem, and you aren't the first one to not know exactly where to turn. You don't have a whole lot of time to make your decision since you have to get the water cleaned up as soon as possible, but luckily you don't have to look anywhere else for the fix to your problem. Flood Pros USA has been working in the Marietta area for years, helping customers just like you get their water damage cleaned up. We also work to prevent further damage from being caused past the initial clean up, saving your home or business.

Cleaning Time

It is crucial for all the water on the site to be completely dried up so that water damage isn't caused once it has been cleaned up. This not only includes the standing water that may be the main reason you called, but the water in the air and in all the little places around the site. How are we able to get every little droplet dried up?

We use humidifiers to dry out the air, preventing water droplets from forming after the initial clean up has been completed. This also allows us to dry up water droplets that may be found in small areas that are hard to see, preventing hidden damage from occurring over time. This is something that you wouldn't be able to do yourself, and is one of the many reasons that you need professional help to clean up all the water on the site.

After The Initial Clean Up

We don't stop there of course, as there is more work to be done. We will consistently check the moisture levels to make sure that everything is maintained. Also, we will help restore any wet documents to the way they were before, or at least as close as we can. Also, if you have items that are damaged beyond repair, we will dispose of them for you.


We are the best water damage prevention service in Marietta. Let us come in and clean up the mess that has been caused, we are professionals. Call us today!