Fires are some of the most devastating disasters to occur. The damage can be quite severe, leaving places you once loved completely ruined. Whether your commercial or residential space was ruined by a fire, the good news is, fire damage restoration is possible. At Flood Pro’s, USA, our Bradenton fire damage restoration experts seek to treat your property with the comprehensive care and attention to detail it deserves.

The fire damage restoration process is complex, and it involves the following steps:

  • Inspection of damage, during which our team will decide what can be restored and what cannot
  • Removing barcode items, taking photographic evidence, printing an inventory
  • Cleaning of items, property, and materials
  • Ridding of odors
  • Reconstruction

Depending on the materials damaged, the process may take a significant amount of time. Hard surfaces require less in the restoration process, which items such as wood, books, paper, and upholstery may be more complicated--though not impossible--to restore. It is also important to have the HVAC system, as well as any duct systems, thoroughly investigated for prevention of any further damage.

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If your space has been damaged due to a fire, look no further than our Bradenton fire damage restoration team at Flood Pro’s, USA. We have a wealth of skill and experience in helping our customers move on from this disastrous event, as it is our pride and joy to restore something as best as we possibly can. We understand this is an incredibly difficult time for you, which is why we want to do everything in our power to help you move on from this challenge with ease.

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