Whether it be sparked by an electrical short, an unattended candle, or a forgotten pot on the stove, a household fire can be devastating and engulf a home in seconds. If a fire should quickly spread or require more than five seconds with a fire extinguisher to be defeated, it is imperative you immediately evacuate your building and call 911. Fortunately, many small fires can be easily put out if you are able to act quickly in the moment.

Depending on their type, the following tips can help you extinguish many small fires:

  • Electrical fires: If an electrical appliance should catch fire, turn off the appliance immediately or pull the plug from the wall. Do not use water to fight an electrical fire, as this can put you at risk of an electrical shock. Instead, use a fire blanket or fire extinguisher.
  • Cooking fires: Turn off your stove, oven, or gas supply and smother the burning food with baking soda. If the fire is in a pot or pan, put the lid on and keep it closed. This will cut off oxygen to the fire and extinguish it within a few seconds. If this is not effective, spray it with a Type B fire extinguisher. Never use water or turn on your stove’s vent fan.
  • Gas fires: If the fire is stemming from a gas leak, shut off the gas supply, smother it with a fire blanket, spray it with a Type B extinguisher, or cool it with water. If you smell a gas leak, call your utility company immediately and evacuate the area. Lit matches, cigarettes, and even turning light switches on or off in the presence of a gas leak can potentially cause a spark and lead to an explosion.

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