Uh oh – your roof has sprung a leak and you are now seeing a big, ugly water spot beginning to form on your ceiling. A leaky roof can not only be an unsightly inconvenience, but it can also lead to major structural damage and the development of mold if not handled within 48 hours. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help mitigate the damage and prevent intrusion of water from spiraling out of control.

If your roof has begun to leak, remember these tips:

  • Move any valuable items to a dry area and place plastic sheeting over furniture or other objects which cannot be easily moved.
  • Place a bucket under the leak to collect dripping water. If splashing is an issue, pin a piece of string to the source of the leak to allow the water to slowly travel down into the bucket.
  • If you notice paint beginning to bubble, poke a small pinhole in the paint to let any accumulated water drain out.
  • If you are able to access your attic, check for the source of the leak by following the water path. It is important to remember that the place where water is entering may not always be the same as the crack in your roof, as water can travel down beams and trusses until it eventually reaches a weak spot.
  • Contact a professional damage restoration expert as soon as possible if you do not feel comfortable performing any of the above.

While many people take pride in performing DIY fixes in their homes or places of business, water damage and leaks require the expertise of a trained professional to prevent catastrophic damage to your property. At Flood Pro’s, USA, our Bradenton water damage cleanup professionals can identify the source of your leak, extract any water which has entered, and restore it to a clean and safe condition. With upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are your go-to team.

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