Mold removal is a pretty tough task. For starters, mold is a pretty stubborn fungus and doesn’t like to come down without a fight. It’s also a pretty smelly job as most mold gives off a pretty familiar but nasty stench while you’re scrubbing away at it. However, many people try to attempt to remove serious mold growth on their own, and too often we hear of people doing this facing serious repercussions because they made a mistake. When you’ve got a pretty serious mold infestation, you shouldn’t try to clean up the mess on your own, but rather you should trust a professional to get the job done for you.

Here are three good reasons why big-time mold infestations are not a DIY job.

You Don’t Know the Extent of the Growth

Mold on your walls isn’t something a little soap and water can’t handle, right? Well, the problem may go much deeper than just the surface of your walls: it could be inside on your walls structure, growing on the inside of your drywall, and possibly even be starting to spread. In fact, visible mold colonies could be sort of like an iceberg floating through the ocean: the majority of it’s actually invisible under the surface of the water. Before you know it, your hours of scrubbing to remove the visible surface mold have gone to waste as the colony quickly spreads and returns.

A professional knows what to look for when investigating a mold colony to determine whether or not the growth has spread inside your walls. When it does, they know how to get rid of it, and have the tools and ability to remove the damaged material and restore your home to clean, mold-free condition again.

You Could Damage Your Home

Many people who want to get rid of mold will use harsh cleaners or the wrong tools to try to get rid of the mold. As a result, they wind up warping their walls, softening their home’s internal structure, ruining their floors, or even causing further damage that makes the project far more expensive than it needs to be. A professional knows how to tackle a mold problem head-on and remove the issue while causing as little damage to your home as possible. A mold remediation expert wants to prevent you from having to replace your drywall, flooring, cabinetry, and other property in your home, and they have the tools that can get the job done right and possibly save some of these things.

You Could Be Dealing with Toxic Mold

Black mold is toxic, and inhaling the spores could lead to serious health consequences. What’s worse, attempting to clean the mold actually disturbs it and causes the spores to float into the air where you, your family, and your pets could breathe it in. Even wearing breathing protection while working will only help you for a short time; mold spores can float through the air for days, and getting rid of them is a huge undertaking. We never recommend anyone try and remove toxic mold without having the proper training and containment equipment that a Bradenton mold remediation professional has at their disposal. Making mold removal a DIY project could be exposing you to toxic spores that could cause major health problems; don’t put yourself or your family at risk.

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