Mold infestations can spread quickly, leading to foul odors, unsightly spots, and other consequences throughout your home. Mold can also cause serious health complications, especially for those with severe allergies, asthma, or compromised immune systems. This means you should do everything in your power to remove the mold problem as soon as possible in the aftermath of serious flood damage. It’s strongly suggested that you allow a professional to handle this for you—doing so yourself can be risky and have unintended consequences if done improperly. On this blog, we’ll explain the benefits of hiring a professional as well as what you may be risking by trying to remove the mold yourself.

Avoid Hassle

The first and arguably most obvious reason for calling a professional would be to avoid the hassle of mold removal in the first place. Mold removal is not a small job, especially when the area covers a good chunk of one of your walls, let alone a good chunk of your entire home like it could after major flooding. When the job is large, getting it done on your own could take weeks or months, if it ever even gets fully done at all. Having a professional do it cuts the time down significantly, which can make it well-worth the cost (especially when your home insurance covers the mold remediation service itself)

Find Everything

Mold doesn’t just grow where you can easily see it. After floods, spores that are trapped inside your walls can fester and grow, causing colonies to sprout where you can’t see them. You may spend hours, days, or even weeks cleaning mold off your walls, but even one missed colony can cause all your hard work to disappear in mere days when it all returns again. Experienced mold remediation professionals know where to look for mold, how to detect it, and what to do when they do find it in order to make sure every last trace of the problem is gone for good.

Find Mold Faster

You may know you have mold, but unless it’s easily visible, it can be a real pain to find. That is, unless you’re an experienced professional. When you contact a Bradenton mold remediation expert, the technician who comes to your home has the tools and experience they need to track down your mold problem in a fraction of the time and then get rid of it before it can spread and continue to infect your home. This lets you continue to rebuild your life after flood damage without having to worry about more damage resurfacing and setting you back further.

Damaged Material Disposal

After suffering a major mold problem, cleaning the issue may not be possible. Instead, you may have to replace things like wood beams or drywall to really get rid of the issue. Disposing of moldy materials can be extremely difficult. However, a professional mold remediation service can take care of all of those details for you. Not only are mold remediation companies familiar with how to dispose of mold, but they have agreements in place for where to properly dispose of it, which makes it both cleaner and safer than simply trying yourself.

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