Blood and other harmful infectious materials need to be cleaned up safely. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued standards that all businesses must follow for the safety of their employees.

When it comes to trauma clean-up, you need to place your trust in professionals. We offer clean-up and sanitation services to businesses and homeowners during what is often a difficult time.

Read more to learn about how our services can help you during a tumultuous time.

Clean Up Services

Overall, our clean-up services include cleaning and sanitizing the affected area.

It's not part of the police or fire department's job to clean the scene once they are done with the investigation. That is left up to you, the owner, who must do it correctly for the safety of everyone involved.

The best way to do this is to hire trained professionals who handle this daily. 

Biohazard Clean Up

Biohazards are human, or animal remains, blood, chemical spills, and more. Cleaning areas where accidents, injuries, or death occur is vital. It's essential to make sure that the environment is safe.

We provide this service for any business or home. We step in after the police complete their processing of a crime scene. Serious accidents can leave dangerous amounts of blood and other biohazardous contaminants.

Bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, and tissue are hazardous. Following OSHA protocols, we turn a dangerous environment back to a clean space. 

OSHA doesn't require any business to have a special certification to clean up biohazards. However, technicians must wear proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) following OSHA guidelines.

PPE varies based on each unique situation and different location. 

Residue Clean Up

This service is for harmful chemicals. The standard cleaning service isn't equipped to clean up tear gas or fingerprint powder. Police may use these chemicals and others to gather evidence.

Sanitation Services

After we have cleaned the contaminated area, it will need sanitation. This final step is often enough to eliminate any odors that come with this type of clean-up.

During the time of Covid-19 and its variants, our sanitation services can protect you. Our sanitization services can clean your home, office, warehouse, government facility, and more.

Business owners have an obligation to keep their employees safe. One of the ways to do prevent the spread of Covid-19 is through deep sanitization.

Other Services

It's common to only think of violent crimes or death when needing a trauma clean-up company. However, there are other scenarios where our cleaning services are helpful.

Our aftermath services involve cleaning for at-home deaths, robberies, floods, and other scenarios. In addition, we provide service for situations that involves biohazardous material, sanitization, or residue clean-up.

Service with Compassion

We are aware that most of the time when customers need trauma clean up, it is distressing. All of our employees are sensitive to this. We treat every customer with the utmost professionalism and compassion.

We operate at all hours, so contact us for a free quote if you require our cleaning services.