When you live in a hurricane zone, you must take the time to prepare your home for the season. Since 1980 Hurricanes have caused an estimated 1.1 trillion dollars worth of damage. There is no doubt that the damage they cause can be minimized if you are prepared.

This preparation should begin ahead of the hurricane season. When you start your preparations early, you make it more likely that your home will be left with minimal water damage should a hurricane strike.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your home for the hurricane season.

Check Your Roof

One of the most critical parts of your home that you should check is your roof. If your roof is not secure in a hurricane, a wide range of damages can occur to the people living in the home and your belongings. 

The winds and rain from a hurricane can lift off your entire roof if you're not careful. Before the hurricane season begins, make sure that you check your roof for cracked or missing shingles.

If any shingles are loose, fix them as soon as possible.

Inspect Every Door and Window for Issues

Ahead of the hurricane season, you must protect your doors and windows as much as possible. Erect flood barriers on your doors if you can. They are not difficult to install and can prevent your home from getting water damage.

Buy plywood before the hurricane season; you can then use these plywood boards to board up your windows and protect the glass as soon as you hear that a hurricane is on the way.

Also, you can install shutters to protect your windows if you prefer. These are specially designed to protect a home against a hurricane's strong winds and rains.

Secure All Your Outdoor Items

Preparing for a hurricane is not just about securing the things inside your home. Preparing your home for a storm also means that you should secure items outside as well. For example, if you have patio furniture, you should ensure you have a way to secure them. 

The same goes for flower pots and garden furniture as well. Identify a storage space ahead of time. Hurricane-force winds can lift just about anything in their path, depending on the category of the hurricane. 

Avoid Water Damage in Hurricane Season

Preparing for the hurricane season before it hits is the best way to avoid water damage to your home. Water damage can cause your roof, ceiling, and the contents of your home to become breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

Mold and mildew are notorious for damaging items and causing respiratory illness. You will need mold remediation and water damage restoration services when this happens.

The best way to prevent or minimize the effects of a hurricane on your home is to be prepared.

If your home ever suffers water damage, contact us. Our team can help.