If you have water damage Florida contractors like Flood Pros USA can help. There are several things to consider, and having water damage in a home or apartment can lead to a number of health problems. Toxic mold will often make its home in walls or floors that have high humidity and are always warm. The mold will release spores that can make it hard to breathe, and prolonged exposure can even be fatal. For this reason, it is essential to find a water damage provider that has the necessary testing equipment.

What To Do After A Leak

Leaky pipes or roofs can lead to standing water. The quality of the water is used to classify the damage, and black water from sewer pipes is far more dangerous than a leak of fresh water. The first thing to do is survey the damage. The humidity of the area is tested with professional equipment. Monitoring is done every 24 hours during the entire project.

Removing The Damaged Materials

Walls, ceilings and floors may all have been damaged, and removing the dry wall, carpet and insulation is one of the first jobs to do. The amount of removal depends on the actual amount of damage, but we can ensure that our clients will have all of the damaged materials removed from their home.


After the damaged construction items have been removed, the area is dried with special machines. These driers are highly efficient and will remove most of the humidity from the air. Technicians will arrive to test the humidity and moisture levels on a daily basis, and they can use this information to decide when to begin putting a home back together.


After the home’s air is dry enough, Flood Pros will begin repairing the water damage. Installing new framing members in the floors, walls and ceiling may be one of the requirements of the job. Insulation and drywall may also be needed depending on the extent of the water damage. The entire process is then finished by putting the finishing touches on the walls and moving furnishings back into the home.