In late August through early September, what started out as a low-pressure system in the eastern Atlantic intensified into a Category 5 hurricane with maximum winds of 175 mph and stronger gusts passing through the Bahamas and South Florida.

In the end, the storm left plenty of destruction in its wake. Hundreds of people died, millions of homes were destroyed or experienced severe water damage, and billions of dollars in damages was caused.

Recovery, specifically in Florida, is an ongoing concern--and will be for quite some time. The Florida areas hit hardest by Hurricane Irma will receive $615.9 million from the federal government that is allocated to housing, business losses, and damaged infrastructure. However, the state is likely to pursue additional federal relief once officials see how far the $615 million goes, according to Tiffany Vase, director of communications for Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. Additionally, Irma victims will share $7.4 billion in the disaster grant funds with Texans flooded by Hurricane Harvey, Puerto Rico residents affected by Hurricane Maria, and Western property owners who were impacted by wildfires during the previous year.

One of the biggest issues in the aftermath of Irma has been a shortage of claims adjusters, since Hurricane Harvey struck Texas just two weeks before, causing delays in resolving claims. According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel, more than 37.660 Irma-related insurance claims had been closed without payment, and more than 235,000 residential property claims remain open.

If you need financial assistance, use the address lookup on to find out if you qualify for aid, or visit If you are searching for rental housing because of Hurricane Irma, the FEMA Housing Portal can offer assistance finding rental housing in your area.

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