Mold can occur in any home, so long as there is a warm, damp space for it to grow. For these reasons, mold is commonly found in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Toxic black mold is a common problem in homes. Here’s what you need to know if you discover mold in your home.

Why Does Mold Grow in Cabinets?

You may notice that some areas in your home are more prone to mold damage than others. Mold needs three things to grow:

  • Moisture
  • Food (like your cabinets)
  • Warm temperatures

Your cabinets are an excellent environment for mold to grow, since these usually meet all three requirements and are not frequently disturbed. Mold is particularly common under sinks, where there are multiple sources of potential moisture. A slow leak in either your water supply lines or your drain pipe can cause significant water damage and mold growth. You may also have difficulty getting your insurance company to pay damages if the leak is a slow leak. This can leave you responsible for costly repairs. It is important to treat mold immediately to prevent serious damage from occurring.

What Can I Do if I Find Mold?

Discovering mold in your cabinets is never a fun experience. But it is important to routinely check areas that may be prone to mold growth to catch it early. A common sign of mold growth is a perpetual musty scent, so if you notice this in your home, contact a mold remediation service to schedule an inspection. They can use hidden moisture detection and other methods to determine the extent of your problem and recommend a solution to your mold issues.

If you do decide to examine the issue closer on your own, be aware that any demolition or cleaning can stir up mold particles. These particles can be harmful to your health if inhaled, so it is important to ventilate the area well and wear a respirator. These particles can also travel to other parts of your home, so it is important to quarantine the area with plastic sheeting.

A reputable mold remediation company will protect your home from spreading mold spores, and can clean and sanitize your home to help reduce the chances of the mold returning. They also will advise our family to leave your home or take other steps to protect your selves while the problem is cleaned up.

How Can I Prevent Mold?

Prevention is important to keep mold from growing in the first place, but it can also help to prevent mold from recurring. The easiest way to protect your home from mold growth is by preventing moisture from forming. If your sink, washing machine, or other water source is leaking, take steps to clear up the leak and dry out the area. You can catch leaks early by installing a leak detection system, or by simply checking regularly. Discuss your options with your mold remediation professional.

At the Flood Pro’s, USA, we are committed to your satisfaction and the health of your home and family. If you are struggling with mold growth in your home, our Bradenton mold remediation technicians can help you find the source of the problem, clean up the mold, dry the area, and sanitize your home to prevent further growth. We are on call day and night to help with your mold problems.

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