Picking up the pieces after a storm, fire, flood, or another emergency can feel overwhelming. At Flood Pros USA, we’re dedicated to providing the gentle care and professional guidance that families can rely on recovering their homes after destruction, with top-rated, expert home restoration services that reflect our company’s honesty, integrity, and loyalty for our customers.

If you’re seeking dependable clean-up, restoration, or remediation services to recover after a natural disaster, our knowledgeable and friendly team of damage restoration specialists at Flood Pros USA can help you. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about our services at Flood Pros USA and learn how you can get started putting your life back together right away.

What Services Does Flood Pros USA Provide?

Our skilled and qualified team of restoration experts are ready to assist you with the help you need to recover your home. Whether your home has been damaged from a fire, a flood, a storm, or another natural disaster, you can be sure we’ll have the professional equipment and expertise to take care of it for you, right away.

Here are some of the services we provide for homeowners in Cobb County, GA:

  • Repairs and restoration to the interior or exterior of your home
  • Bacteria and mold remediation
  • Restoration after a flood, including damage from broken pipes, slab leaks, rainwater, appliance accidents, and rising water
  • Storm damage cleanup such as removing debris, clearing standing water, and rebuilding structures damaged by wind or rain
  • Bacteria remediation and mold and mildew cleanup that may have been caused by water damage
  • Fire damage restoration including smoke removal, odor removal, structure rebuilding, and water damage restoration
  • Commercial restoration services for businesses, commercial properties, restaurants, and offices

Should I Try DIY Restoration, Remediation, or Clean-Up?

It may feel tempting to do-it-yourself, especially if you’re anxious to get your life back to normal after a disaster that damaged your home and property. However, expert services are highly recommended after property damage for health and safety reasons—for example, there could be residual mold and mildew, structural damage, or other dangers that can seriously affect your home and family’s health now and in the future.

It’s also true that a DIY restoration might not hold up in the long run, costing you plenty of money in repairs down the road. In short, it’s always a good idea to consult with a team of specialists for advice on how to move forward towards a swift and safe recovery.

Where is Flood Pros USA Located?

Flood Pros USA is located about three hours northwest of Atlanta, in Smyrna, Cobb County, Georgia. You can find us by typing in our address at 1264 Concord Rd Suite 203 Smyrna, GA 30080.
How Much Will the Services That I Need Cost Me?

It’s difficult—if not impossible—to learn what a damage restoration, remediation, or clean-up project might cost you without an in-home evaluation. That’s why we offer free, in-home consultations, evaluations, and pricing estimates for our customers. During this visit, an expert restoration specialist will visit you at your home to evaluate the damage and to explain the process for getting your property back to normal. We’ll also explain what the process will cost and why and begin working directly with your insurance company on your behalf to make sure you’re getting compensated according to your coverage plan.  

How Do I Know if Flood Pros USA is Qualified to Help Me?

When disaster strikes, it can be very difficult to know where to turn to recover your home and property. For something as important as property restoration, it’s always a good idea to research the company you’re choosing to make sure you’re getting the best quality services and professional care that you can for your money. A reliable, professional company will offer customer-first policies and warranties on their products and services and will have a high customer service rating from former customers on online websites like Angie’s List and Yelp.

Flood Pros USA is a highly rated company known for providing exceptional restoration, remediation, and clean-up services for our customers. We’re backed by accreditation from the BBB and are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration. We offer lifetime warranties and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, to help our customers feel at ease before, during, and after contracting our services.

How Can I Get in Touch With the Flood Pros USA Team Right Away?

Our team of friendly restoration experts is available 24/7 with immediate assistance and emergency services for our customers throughout Cobb County. If you have other questions or concerns or need immediate assistance, do not hesitate to call us at (770) 999-0430. You can also fill out our online form to schedule a free, in-home visit with one of our specialists for a consultation and pricing estimate.