One of the most important parts of maintaining a clean home involves the control of water damaged areas. Floods and leaks will probably occur at one point or another. They are an unfortunate part of owning a home and must be taken care of as quickly and effectively as possible to reduce the risk of mold growth. Mold can be difficult to detect in a basement or wall. If flood damage is left untreated it can cause mold to develop in many unseen areas. A mold test should be performed regularly to ensure that no dangerous molds have been growing in the structure of a home. Flood Pros USA is dedicated to keeping Marietta dry and mold free. We offer a mold testing service to locate any infected areas of the home. We are properly equipped to then remove any mold. We also can clean up and dry any flooded areas that could potential become infected. Our dehumidifying services are effective in dealing with leaks and other problems.

Your Local Solution To Water Damage And Mold

Flood Pros USA is Marietta's number one solution to flood damage cleanup and repair. Every member of our friendly staff is well trained to provide professional services no matter how complicated the job may be. We understand that you want to keep your family and pets safe from any dangers. That is why we wish to help you achieve this goal by removing the threat of mold. Mold build up in a home can lead to breathing problems. People will allergies can have serious reactions to mold that may be life threatening. It is important to mop up any water left after a flood or leak. Standing water is dangerous for the structure of a home as well as any nearby property. We can test your home to pinpoint any mold problems in order to remove them. It is highly recommended that a test be performed once a year just to be sure. This is without any water damage problems. A test should be performed immediately if any water damage has occurred.